Quickly Sort a List Alphabetically in Excel

Data Wingman Daily Excel Tips #1

There’s a few ways to sort lists in Excel including using a custom sort, filters, or using built-in custom lists.

Today’s tip shows you how to sort your list in Excel A to Z or Z to A.

To quickly sort your list alphabetically, you can select any cell in the column you would like to sort A to Z.

Excel screenshot of a last name selected in the column
Berwick cell selected in Last Name column.

Click the Data menu and navigate to the sort area and select the A-Z button for alphabetical sorting or Z-A button for the reverse.

Excel Ribbon Menu
Data > Sort

You have now successfully sorted by last name alphabetically, as you can see in the example images.

Excel sorted by last name.
Sorted by last name.

Next time you need to sort A-Z or Z-A, remember the shortcut buttons instead of running through the Sort or Filter options. Also, clicking any cell in the column works exactly like selecting the header for the column or the entire column.

Jason Dittberner

Jason Dittberner

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