Use an AI Bot to Learn Excel Functions

Excel has well over 450 functions and spits out 25+ new functions with every new version of Excel. That’s a lot to keep up with and a lot of untapped power Excel can provide you with the functions you don’t know about.

Before we continue, it is important to understand the difference between a function and a formula. A formula is an equation you create in Excel (=5*8). A function is a pre-defined calculation you can use in Excel, such as SUM, MATCH, DATE, or VLOOKUP.

If you would like to see all the Excel functions by category, check out Microsoft’s Function Page.

Excel Formula Generator

Meet Excel Formula Bot. This handy website will allow you to type the problem you are trying to solve and the AI bot will try to give you a function you can use to solve the problem.

In the example below, I asked how I could determine the number of days between two dates and the AI bot returned:

Excel formula for days between two dates
Excel formula for days between two dates

A1 is the start_date and A2 is the end_date with d representing days between the two dates.

Instead of d for days, you could also use...

  • "Y" = The number of complete years in the period.
  • "M" = The number of complete months in the period.
  • "YM" = The difference between the months in start_date and end_date. The days and years of the dates are ignored.
  • "YD" = The difference between the days of start_date and end_date. The years of the dates are ignored.

Next time you are stuck in Excel with a problem, give Excel Formula Bot a shot and then review the function page on Microsoft's Function Page for more parameters.

AI Excel Functions
AI Excel Functions
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