About Data Wingman

Photo by Alex Chumak / Unsplash

Jason Dittberner created Data Wingman in 2022 to provide tips, tricks, and tools for business leaders, data analysts, marketing professionals, or anyone looking to land better insights for their business.

About Jason Dittberner

As a data-driven business leader, I am equally at home with analytics as I am with creative concepts and consumer insights. I have spent most of my career at the intersection of data and marketing, leading teams, developing and implementing growth strategies, and asking better questions for deeper insights.

What's Next?

Besides this website, I plan to launch the Data Wingman podcast in the middle of 2022. I will focus the podcast on tools to help you gain more insights. While I will discuss the well-known tools, I plan to shed light on some lesser known tools to consider for your tool chest.


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